Blanca Li Workshops

To book workshops: If you are interested in any of these workshops, or would like more information about Blanca Li’s tour, please contact Dance Touring Partnership, email:

An Introduction to Electro

The workshop programme will be devised to support the UK dance curriculum by providing students with the opportunity to explore the craft and process of choreography, as well as the chance to learn repertoire and make their own work. The workshop will embrace existing urban dance styles, particularly Electro, whilst also exploring choreographic principles.

Led by two company dancers, the workshop will begin with an introduction to Electro Dance and its history, followed by a warm up. Participants will then learn a short piece of choreography from the show. They will also have the chance to gain an understanding of the starting points, any specific stimulus and the creative process behind this specific motif within the repertoire. Students will then work with some simple choreographic tasks to help them devise their own movement phrases, based in Electro technique.

There will be time at the end for a short Q&A where participants can find out more about the piece, or ask about life as a professional dancer.

This is a beginners workshop so no previous experience of Electro dance is necessary but an understanding and interest in street dance will be beneficial.

Suitable for: Age 14+
Maximum Numbers: 25 participants
Cost: £160 + VAT and local travel
The workshop has been devised by Blanca Li and is delivered by two dancers from Elektro Kif. Dance Touring Partnership will send you a booking form to complete with details about the participants taking part, the workshop space provided and travel arrangements to and from the local venue. This form must be completed and returned to Dance Touring Partnership to confirm the workshop and ensure that information can be passed onto the company in advance of their arrival to your venue.